Ay Marka

Ay Marka

One of the important companies leading Turkish ready-to-wear and accessories industries, AY Marka Mağazacılık A.Ş. offers services with its NetWork, Que, Divarese and George Hogg brands under its umbrella and through 177 stores located in 28 cities across Turkey as well as 4 overseas stores in total located in Azerbaijan, Albania and Cyprus. Ay Marka offers its product portfolio to customers through 2 online stores and the sales points located in Boyner-YKM department stores as well.

One of the deeply-rooted brands of Turkey, Altınyıldız launched its first namesake ready-to-wear collection in 1997 and established a retailing department under its own structure for this purpose. NetWork brand addressing young professionals was created in 1999. Que brand was launched in 2007. Following creation of brands one after the other, in-house retail department was transformed into a huge textile retail company under the name of AY Marka.

AY Marka acquired legal entity status as a Boyner Retail company in October 2008. In addition to design, production, sales and marketing operations of NetWork and Que brands owned by it, it acquired Divarese operations in 2010 and then Divarese brand in 2011.

AY Marka is a company leading the fashion in Turkey, serving both its female and male customers in the sector with its NetWork, Que and Divarese brands, and further improving customer happiness every season with its wide variety of products; and it is operated with devotion to the principle of Unconditional Customer Happiness throughout all its pre-sales and after sales processes.