Having entered the local ready-to-wear sector in 1969, Beymen Mağazacılık A.Ş. introduced luxury to the Turkish retail sector and pioneered exclusive retailing and launched its first store in 1971. Since its founding, Beymen has led luxury retailing in Turkey, to national and international acclaim. Beymen opened its first store in 1971 and today provides services in 86 stores representing a variety of retail approaches on a total net sales area of 50.809 m2, including international stores and foreign partnerships.

Since its establishment, Beymen has been among the leading players not only in Turkish fashion industry, but also in the global luxury retail sector. Today, having over 900 global brands under its umbrella, Beymen is also considered to be among the best in its class in both the fashion and retail industries with its exclusive production collections.

The Luxury Destination in Turkey

Beymen introduced Turkey to the luxury boutique retailing concept with the opening of its 3500 m2 Beymen Nişantaşı store in 2003. Bringing luxury retailing to Istanbul’s Nişantaşı district, Beymen Nişantaşı led the area’s upscale makeover. Beymen Nişantaşı rapidly became the meeting point for people living in Istanbul with the popularity of its Beymen Brasserie Restaurant.

Beymen opened its other multibrand flagship store in 2007, in Istanbul’s İstinye Park mall. In the same year, by launching its monobrand boutiques with world-class global brands such as Bottega Veneta, Celine, Saint Laurent, Etro, Tods, and Dolce&Gabbana, Beymen became the undisputed leading partner of global luxury brands in Turkey.

Fashion Destination Online

Beymen also pioneered luxury online shopping, combining the company’s unique shopping experience with the global trend towards e-commerce. In 2010, was launched which is the leading luxury fashion site in Turkey, with an estimated 79% market share among online luxury fashion sites. (Source: OC&C report). has grown with a CAGR of 58% between 2015 and 2017 and it has been the fastest growing sales channel in Beymen sales channels. By expanding its Omni channel investments, starting with, Beymen developed its service channels to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Flagship Stores

Beymen carried the luxury shopping experience to greater heights in 2013 by opening its 10,000 m2 Beymen Zorlu Center store, Turkey’s largest fashion store, and of seven monobrand boutiques retailing world-renown global brands such as Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Stella McCartney. Beymen Zorlu Center store is also home to Morini restaurant, which is run by a world-renowned Michelin starred chef.

In 2017, Beymen opened its Beymen Suadiye flagship store, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Beymen’s largest street store, Beymen Suadiye’s luxury shopping experience has made it a symbol of a renaissance for Bağdat Caddesi, the premier shopping street on Istanbul’s Asian side.

Beymen appeals to the accessible luxury market with its monobrand concept which offers smart, casual collections for men and women. Beymen Club brand, having established a significant growth trend since 2010 with 21 stores, has speeded up its new store expansion program and, in 2017, the number of Beymen Club stores rose to 44.

Beymen is recognized as a model organization, not only in retail industry, but also in different sectors, due to its customer relations approach and “Unconditional Customer Happiness” practices as well as its retail experience.