Boyner received "Anchor Store" Award

Boyner received "Anchor Store" award from Shopping Malls Investors Institution, emphasizing their indisputable position for customers visiting shopping malls in Turkey.

Boyner received

Boyner received "Anchor Store" Award by the Shopping Malls Investors Institution. 

Boyner received

Boyner offers a top-notch customer experience with cutting-edge practices and introduced the department store concept in Turkey for the first time. It also launches one more new store design in the last quarter of 2017. The new design promises a superior customer experience and happiness.

“We’ve always led our operations to prioritize customer happiness and experience. We want to offer our customers an experience in which they can feel at home, and shop in a sincere and cosy atmosphere,” says Bulent Basaran, General Manager of Boyner.

With the new store design:

Naturalism is encouraged with materials like natural wood, and handmade ceramics.

Shops in malls are tempting and distinguishable with bright, wide and transparent store entries.

Customers can reach products easily and with the least effort.

Customers shop in a sincere, cosy and homelike atmosphere.

Categories’ placement in relation to each other have been revised and unexpected  transitions have been  formed.

Since the launch, customers are spending 25 % more time in the stores and basket size has increased by 20 %.

“Our plans include the renovation of all our stores according to the new design within the next three years. In addition, they also include opening more stores with the new design,” added Bulent Basaran.

The main goal is to open stores which are bigger than 6000 m2

“We have completed the new store design project with a strong team of 30 people in one year. New store designs cover 4,000-9,000 square meters spaces. The main goal is to open stores which are bigger than 6000 m2  from now on,” said Filiz Dermirbaş Bayrak Deputy General Manager Corporate Development of Boyner.

While Boyner has progressed in store design, a well-deserved award was received from the Council of Shopping Centres – Turkey. Boyner was awarded with “Anchor Store” prize in the Most Liked & Preferred Retail Brands Awards organized by the Council for the 9th time.