Boyner Offers A New Service: "Contactless Retail"

Boyner Offers A New Service:

Boyner now provides service at stores on duty for the urgent and important customer needs, taking the highest level of hygiene measures. Stores on duty are open from 12:00 to 18:00 four days a week from Monday to Thursday, and a limited number of guests are allowed inside simultaneously according to the concept of 'contactless retail'.

Boyner, after temporarily shutting down its stores on March 19 to help stem the spread of coronavirus, has opened stores on duty to meet customers again and provide solutions for their urgent needs according to the concept of 'contactless retail'. Boyner stores on duty in Şaşkınbakkal, Vadistanbul, and Metropol İstanbul in Istanbul, Balçova Kipa, and Çiğli Kipa in Izmir, Migros in Antalya, and YKM Forum in Mersin now serve customers four days a week from 12:00 to 18:00 according to the concept of 'contactless retail'.

Boyner has implemented several hygiene measures at stores on duty to ensure that customers shop safely.

A limited number of guests are accommodated simultaneously, and temperature checks are performed upon entry

Temperature checks are performed on customers as they enter stores on duty, with face masks and gloves made available. A maximum of 20 masked guests are accommodated at the stores simultaneously. Customers are provided with hand sanitizer at the entrance, and disinfectant lotions are available across stores for the use of customers.

One-button disinfection at changing stalls

Air purifiers with UV-C filters continuously clean the air inside the stores. A single device sterilizes 300 cubic meters of air per hour, killing and destroying all airborne viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms that may cause diseases. Changing stalls at the stores feature a one-button disinfection technology activated before a customer enters the stall.

Product sterilization cabinets

In addition, special product sterilization cabinets are used at stores to sterilize the products customers try on. The items customers try on at stores on duty are sterilized under UV-C light inside these cabinets. Disposable socks are provided for customers who try on shoes at the footwear section.

Social distancing warnings and sterilization in regular intervals

Warning signs remind customers to maintain social distancing inside the store and at checkout. A sanitation team dedicated to disinfection activities sterilizes common use areas in regular intervals.

Contactless payment at checkout and free home delivery

Customers are directed to contactless payment at checkout. Upon payment, invoices are sent to customers via text messages, preventing a physical exchange. Customers can also request a free-of-charge home delivery of packaged item of the same design as their purchase.

Regular temperature checks, face mask, glove and face shield use

All personnel of the stores are regularly checked for their health and temperature. All members of the personnel wear gloves, face masks and plexiglass face shields within the working hours. Every two hours, all members of the personnel disinfect their hands, and replace their gloves and masks.

Boyner is set to open new stores on duty in other locations in the upcoming period, and is there for customers to ensure a smooth return to normal according to the concept of 'contactless retail' and its usual philosophy of unconditional customer happiness.