The Human Resources policy at Boyner Group is based on creation and expansion of a performance-based culture. Boyner Group is an ambitious group focused on business results, taking inspiration from its customers and constantly making inventions. In personal remuneration package, performance results are used as a very important indicator; and good performance is always rewarded. In respect of field staffs, direct sales and performance are measured and our staff members are appreciated and rewarded spontaneously in line with the priorities and focus points of Boyner Group. For the headquarter staff, groundbreaking and flexible performance system management is ensured in line with Boyner Group values and supported by continuous feedbacks and spontaneous motivations throughout the year. In addition, there is an incentive program measuring and rewarding the business performance of senior management.

While creating a performance-focused culture, elimination of any obstacles that may affect business results is of top priority. This is supported by the “Democracy in the Workplace” culture put at the heart of the entire management understanding.

At Boyner Group, there is an “open communication” environment allowing all employees to express their own ideas and suggestions freely. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions through internal communication channels. Each of the employees may share their opinions, suggestions, and critics related with their own jobs and business processes. It is believed that this will allow the group to go further.

Not only Customers’, but also Employees’ Happiness are Prioritized

At Boyner Group, the essential understanding of working environment is based on providing trust and happiness of employees. As customers are approached with the principle of “Unconditional Customer Happiness”, the same approach is followed in the working environment. In all Boyner Group companies, it is very important to ensure democracy in the workplace and to maintain happiness of employees at the highest level. All businesses are managed with core values and ethical principles printed in their DNAs. Instead of detailed procedures, principles are identified and it is at the discretion of employees to make the right and ethical decisions.

Democracy at Workplace

At Boyner Group, there is a fair approach in all Human Resources policies and practices such as recruitment, promotion, transfer, rotation, and remuneration. Any discrimination based on the factors such as race, colour, gender, religion, marital status, sexual preference, gender identity, political view or relationship, ethnical identity, health status, familial responsibilities, union activities or membership, physical disability or age is strongly rejected. With this approach of equality far beyond the legal definitions, the principle of equal opportunities to all is adopted in recruitment, employment relationship process, remuneration, participation in trainings, promotion, retirement and all other conditions of employment.

Merit-Based Management Approach

As with all practices, Human Resources Management performance is also measured by clearly defined critical success factors, and awards programs and certificates in the field of HR. Assessments are made on a quarterly and yearly basis, using 81 metrics in total displaying performance in the categories such as demographic change, employee turnover, equality, productivity and the efficiency of HR practices. In addition, monthly-based reports are produced in order to examine the detailed and realistic reasons of the employee turnover rate, one of the important issues experienced on field in the retailing.

In-house Entrepreneurship

At Boyner Group, the culture of innovation is addressed with an understanding of free environment provided for employees and democracy in the workplace. It is believed that in-house democracy and open communication channels are not only a possibility, but also a prerequisite for a successful and happy work life. Thanks to such democratic environment, creative and entrepreneurial projects can be easily heard, produced and implemented. Employees are always encouraged to produce creative ideas and to develop themselves in order to allow them to embrace the values of courage, creativity and entrepreneurship printed in Boyner Group DNA and to integrate such values with the daily workflow.

Boyner Group received “Difference-Making Human Resources Award” with their in-house entrepreneurship projects at PERYÖN – People Management awards this year. PERYÖN People Management Awards have been rewarding the “best practices” of companies since 2008. Boyner Group received “HR Practices Making Difference” award with its In-House Entrepreneurship Culture Creation Project in the Innovation Culture Development Category. In fact, the “In-house Entrepreneurship Culture” printed in the DNAs of Boyner Group employees which has led to creation of Advantage Card, T-Box and many other inventions, thus creating difference in competition, has been made sustainable through its systematic expansion and incorporation into daily workflow; and this fact has contributed in the group to receive this award.