Gender Equality

Gender Equality


Boyner Group’s management approach is based on transparency, openness, accountability and participation.

Gender Equality

In Boyner Group, an “open communication” environment allowing all employees to express their own ideas and suggestions freely is supported. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions through internal communication channels. It is believed that the sharing by each of the employees of any opinions, suggestions and criticisms related with their jobs will improve the group. In case of any disagreement that may arise in the working environment, all employees are listened to equally without any status discrimination.

Establishment of employee rights and beyond that, establishment of human rights in the working environments and at the suppliers is considered within the context of the “democracy in the workplace” principle. It is aimed to identify and establish working environments respecting human dignity. We attach importance to ensure that the principle of equality will bring justice in the results for all identities and we establish the necessary mechanisms to this effect.

The freedom of association and collective bargaining that are the civil rights of employees are recognized in Boyner Group and its supply network and suitable environments are provided for employees’ claims for such rights.

Equal Treatment Principle

In Boyner Group, we do not tolerate any discrimination based on the factors such as race, colour, gender, religion, marital status, sexual preference, political opinion or affiliation, ethnical identity, health status, familial responsibilities, union activity or membership, physical disability or age.

Equal Opportunities

In Boyner Group workplaces, due attention is paid to practice equal opportunities in the ads and job postings and in interview questions asked to the candidates during the recruitment process, as well as during the career planning and the planning of employees’ trainings and developments in business life.

Gender Equality in Boyner Group;

*Ratio of Female Board Member: 50%

*Ratio of Female Employees: %46

*Ratio of Female Employees in Head Office Staffs: %44

*Ratio of Female Employees in Stores: %46

*Ratio of Female Executives: %43

*Ratio of Female Employees to Those Attending Training and Development Activities: %50