Gönülden İşaret

Gönülden İşaret

Boyner Group has taken an important step to eliminate the communication barriers with the “Gönülden İşaret” (A Sign from the Heart) project, which it implemented in cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People.

Boyner Group, defining differences as a force that unites people, has added another one to its diversity and inclusion goals within the scope of sustainability. Boyner Group, which cares about creating an unhindered communication environment for its employees, business partners and customers, has launched the “Gönülden İşaret” (A Sign from the Heart) project with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People so that its employees can learn sign language. The aim of the project is to enable at least one employee to learn sign language at the head office and Boyner stores.

“We aim to eliminate barriers in communication.”

Unconditional customer happiness is the most important of the Boyner Group's core values. We started the “Gönülden İşaret” (A Sign from the Heart) project in order to increase unconditional customer happiness in Boyner stores, serve our customers with a more competent and more inclusive communication range, and most importantly, strengthen the bond of love and communication between us and our customers. We also wanted to reflect this goal in the logo of the project and designed our logo by associating it with the ‘I love’ image in sign language.

This become a volunteering project that received the most applications.

The project, which was participated on a voluntary basis, has become the volunteer work that received the most applications in Boyner Group. In the first place, we received more than 400 applications for the project, which we had planned to train 100 people for. In order to ensure that all our employees who volunteered completed their training, we divided the training into phases by prioritizing the selection of a store from each city. Our trainings will continue throughout 2022.