Green Office

Green Office


Boyner Department Stores, one of our Group companies, started Green Office practices with the cooperation of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in 2012. In order to improve our practices with regards to the environment, the internal structure of the central offices were renovated to be more environmentally friendly, and a focus was made on encouraging employees to engage in green consumption habits at the same time. As a result, Boyner Department Stores was honored with the Green Office Certificate by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in June 2014 as part of the environmental and green activities of the central office. Since then, the focus on the central office consumptions and employee participation has been encouraged.

In 2016, Boyner Department Stores hosted the "Green Offices" annual meeting of the World Wildlife Foundation, where companies from all over the private sector came together to share ideas and good examples of environmentally friendly office practices.

Four consumption sources were monitored in 2017 within the frame of the Green Office program.

  • Electricity, natural gas, water and paper which are consumed within the central office were monitored in monthly reports. The monitoring was conducted based on both consumption type and CO2-e equivalents.
  • Green Office consumptions were monitored at regular intervals and studies for keeping the consumption at minimum levels were made by identifying seasonal measures with current situation analysis.
  • CO2-e equivalents were observed to find a value for adding and comparing these consumption values. Likewise, reduction was provided in per person and m2 equivalent unit emissions.
  • 35.22% reduction was secured compared to the base year of 2013, while emissions of 2017 decreased by 2.88% compared to the previous year.

Water is monitored monthly, while electricity and natural gas are monitored daily. As a Green Office, in the first year of application, our carbon footprint is being decreased by saving through an automated air conditioning system purchased according to green purchasing principles. This system makes purchases and performs applications according to the green purchasing principles, the hourly consumption tracking with energy analyzer application and takes positive actions when necessary. It is aimed to reduce the carbon footprint in our total retail operation by extending hourly measurement tracking system which was practiced in 2017 to the stores as well.