Hopi Was One Of The Most Liked Brands

Hopi is selected "The Most Loved Brand" in Turkey.

Hopi Was One Of The Most Liked Brands
Hopi has been selected as the most loved brand in the category of ‘Apps which make life easier’ in Lovemarks research which was organized for the 10th time this year.   
The mobile invention Hopi which has won the hearts of customers, offers its members a 360-degree customer experience. Hopi which gets smarter by being utilized, knows its members and promises a customized shopping experience via personalized campaigns and offers thanks to its CRM infrastructure and Big Data Management. It already has 115-member brands and 5,2 million members. 

The ‘Lovemarks 2017’ research was conducted jointly by Mediacat and Ipsos with an online survey. Hopi was one of the most liked brands of Turkey according to the research. 

Hopi which introduced ‘Paracik’ (Hopi’s cash points) reward points system into the retail Sector increases its members purchasing power by multiplying the Paracik that is in use. It increases the emotional bond between brands and consumers by reviewing customer habits and it enables  consumers to interact with the right product and offers at the right time. Hopi has 115 brands in the following sectors: ready-to-wear, shoes, food beverages, fuels, technology, jewelry, personal care, baby/children products, market, entertainment, airlines, hotel reservations, shipping, dry cleaning, security, and digital and mobile gaming. Thus, Hopi users can fulfill all their shopping  needs with a single app.  

Improving itself day by day, Hopi aims to be a  personal life assistant with features such as easy mobile payments without a need for wallet, finding a liked product by taking its picture, making a reservation via the app, and sending Paracik to a friend.