Hopi is the leading mobile shopping companion in Turkish retail sector. Pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence to help businesses better understand and reach their customers, Hopi creates a highly personalised shopping experience for millions of users. 

Hopi's unique technology, which accumulates data from a wide range of partners and channels, predicts what consumers want and when they will want it, making shopping more rewarding and engaging. Hopi takes pride in being the first shopping companion to partner with a wide range of businesses and stores across Turkey. Hopi has unique access to and understanding of a loyal and fast growing consumer base as we gather and analyse data from the thousands of consumers who use our app to browse and purchase goods every hour. 

Hopi offers access to 6 million users, and expects that to increase to 20m in the next 5 years. Hopi's technology also sparks growth for those businesses who partner with us. Merchants who use Hopi tend to generate superior revenue per customer. Additionally, Hopi's mobile payment tool allows our customers to complete their payments with a single touch, making purchases faster and more easily than ever before. 

The future is mobile, the future is Hopi

Mobile is driving the future of shopping, creating revolutionary opportunities for businesses such as ours. Turkey has one of the highest mobile shopper ratios in the world, with 53% of online purchases taking place on mobile phones. This number is set to grow exponentially as more data becomes available from mobile shopping, and only the companies equipped with the tools to understand and act on this data will succeed. 

Our outstanding success to date, and unprecedented future opportunities, are rooted in our culture of relentless innovation. Hopi was developed and incubated within Boyner Group and incorporates the best of Boyner Group’s culture and expertise. We know we will only continue to grow and succeed as we have done, if we continue to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent from around the world. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a unique technology company, believing in equality of opportunities for all our employees, regardless of their background, seeking and encouraging ideas from all corners of the business. In this way, Hopi and Boyner Group continue to embrace the digital revolution, remaining at the forefront of the fashion industry, as we strive to deliver unconditional happiness to all our customers, wherever they are.