1 out of every 7 People in Turkey is a Hopi User!

Hopi, the smart shopping application with which Boyner Group launched a new era in the retail sector and the shopping world with its “unconditional customer happiness” approach, was founded in 2015. Today, the company offers special personalized offers and campaigns to its more than 12.5 million users thanks to its technological infrastructure.

There are more than 250 brands in more than 40 categories in the application, which stands out with the feature of spending the Money earned by its users increasingly on their purchases from member brands with the reward system called ”Paracık".

Hopi has made its latest investments by implementing Hopishop, a digital marketplace application, and Hopipay, a digital wallet application, and therefore has been able to provide its users with an end-to-end digitized shopping experience.

360 Degree Customer Experience

Hopipay has a FinTech infrastructure where you can send and receive money for free and withdraw money from ATMs. This application, which can be accessed through every e-commerce site where there is a card storage feature, can integrate money as well as the opportunity to pay online or at the checkout. Also, it can be activated by users in a very short time inside the Hopi application without the need to download another application.

Hopishop, a digital marketplace that brings together more than 500 brands with its motto ”Everything that no one has", has many categories ranging from clothing to bags, jewelry to cosmetics, organic food to home decorations, and special products manufactured in limited quantities. Thanks to these features, the application has soon become an important platform that supports brands that sell through social media channels and entrepreneurs that have grown stronger during the pandemic.