Within the scope of the PaylaşTIK "Click & Donate" project which has been launched by with the slogan of "Let's create a future of high social awareness", the revenue of the products produced for non-governmental organizations is being transferred for the continuation of the activities of the related organizations. mobilizes its sales and marketing expertise to provide sustainable support for non-governmental organizations, grows the “PaylaşTIK” project and creates “the most beautiful excuse for shopping”. Non-governmental organizations operating in education, health, equality of women and men and animal rights fields are growing with the "PaylaşTIK" project.

By shopping on, it is possible to support 13 different non-governmental organizations such as Mor Çatı (Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation), Toçev (The Foundation for Educating Children), Açev (Mother Child Education Foundation), Çekül (The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage), Kamer (Regional Expansion for Women’s Human Rights), Kaçuv (The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer), Lösev (The Foundation for Children with Leukemia), Tohum Autism Foundation, Panda Dükkan (An online store of World Wildlife Fund selling products that do not harm animals and nature), Yeşilay (The Green Crescent), Mutlu Patiler (A special jewelry collection. All income from these products is used for street animals), HADD (Hisar Anatolian Support Society) and ÇYDV (Association for Supporting Contemporary Life). In 2017, 3,168 products were sold and the project’s total revenue was 45,000 TL.


Solidarity is possible through shopping

A total of 820 products of the Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, which has been operating since 1990 in order to sustain solidarity with women who face violence and strengthen the fight against domestic violence, are offered to Morhipo customers through the PaylaşTIK project. Purple Roof products, in which design products are included, were the most interesting ones for the customers in PaylaşTIK project. The total revenue from these products has been transferred to the foundation in order for women to start a new life without violence.

The products of ÇEKÜL, which operates for the protection of the environment and cultural heritage in Anatolian towns, attracts Morhipo customers' attention. Customers who purchase bags and pencil cases with the Anatolian patterns protect the traditional values and identities which are in danger of disappearing.

By shopping on PaylaşTIK page of Morhipo, it is also possible to support the Tohum Autism Foundation, which works for the early diagnosis of children with "autism spectrum disorder" and to reintegrate them into the society. The revenue from Tohum Autism Foundation products is also used for the purpose of expanding the activities of the foundation nationwide.

With sales over one thousand products in total, the products of the AÇEV and TOÇEV organizations, which are operating to put the equality of opportunity in education into practice, also show that education support is the most preferred area by Morhipo customers.