Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Occupational Health and Employee Safety

Establishing healthy and secure working conditions for our employees which are consistent with human dignity is one of our priorities.

At annual training and seminars, we inform our employees about "Occupational Health and Employee Safety" and create awareness for issues which are important in daily work environments.

We support the briefing and training practices with internal publications that we draft within the Group; our publications cover the occupational health and safety responsibilities of the executives and the responsibilities of the employees separately. We also provide information cards to our visitors and ensure that they know about our OHS measures and comply with them.

Briefings and trainings for our employees, responsibilities and authorizations for our executives are transformed into e-learning tools and the access of all our employees is continuously ensured.

At Boyner Group, all of our companies register their Occupational Health and Safety practices through software and can provide the necessary data for adhoc reporting and planning.