Altınyıldız Classics Expands Abroad

Altınyıldız Classics opens its first two overseas stores in Romania’s capital city Bucharest, at Sun Plaza and ParkLake Shopping Mall.

Altınyıldız Classics Expands Abroad

Altıyıldız Classics opened two stores with the name AC & CO in 2017 expanding its reach to Europe with high quality products offered for reasonable prices.

BR Mağazacılık (BR Retailing) aims to increase its sales network to 15 stores in the country in parallel with its fast and effective growth strategy towards international markets. 

300 points-of-sale in Turkey

Founded in 2011, BR Mağazacılık expanded to more than 60 cities in Turkey with 300 points-of-sale within 6 years. It is one of Turkey's fastest growing brands in the retail sector.

The brand which mainly focuses on markets which are close to Turkey, plans to grow in Russian-speaking countries and the Middle East with its dealership channel.

 We will enter Iran following Romania

“We will elevate the sales network of Altınyıldız Classics collections abroad to 100 points-of-sale with 50 stores by 2020 and we are going to generate an additional turnover of 120-150 million TL as a result of the related investments”, said Osman Çavuşoğlu. 

Meanwhile, BR Mağazacılık, which closely follows the US market for the opportunities to be generated, aims to contribute to long-term production, employment and export.