Boyner's New Commercial: We Have Good Style

Boyner's New Commercial: We Have Good Style

Boyner has made a name for itself as an innovator in retail, and now organizes a striking communication campaign inspired by Turkey's panorama of idiosyncratic, colorful and inclusive values. Boyner currently accommodates millions of visitors in 37 cities with a history of 39 years of service, and now combines the diversity and colors witnessed across Turkey, the taste, interests, and different and unique characteristics of our people with a modern fashion and lifestyle in a new commercial film. The campaign emphasizes the discourse 'We have good style', which carries the concept of 'style' beyond a word of fashion, and connotes the authentic colors we possess and are proud of as a nation, and the values that make us who we are.

A combination of factors in Turkey's good style

Boyner's commercial film titled 'We Have Good Style' employs a modern interpretation and a striking language to express Turkey's authentic lifestyle and rich mosaic of national profile. Our people visit their elders and kiss their hands on holidays even if they maintain a "cool" attitude. Joggers and people in suits alike lend a hand when they see a stranded car, and push it until they are soaked with sweat if necessary. They have been offering guests cologne at the door for centuries when the world has only discovered it during the pandemic. Even the coolest and most rebellious young men ask after the elders in their neighborhood, and they are tossed in the air with Turkish flags during their send-off to military service. They have fun in the bathhouse, apply henna on their hands before they get married, and they go to weddings like they stepped out of a fashion magazine but they also tie their jackets around their waist and do a belly dance, or dance the halay in stilettos with the bride and the groom. This is why Turkey's style is very authentic, very inclusive and very good. It's open to diversity, inspiring and colorful because our society expresses its style through not only our clothing but also our values and attitude. What makes us original and unique across the world with our art, cuisine, music, dances and fashion is this colorful style. Boyner has been providing service for these colorful and good people for the past 39 years by maintaining Turkey's distinctive and good style and embracing our cultural richness and diversity.

Eren Çamurdan, CEO at Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık: "Our new commercial film mirrors our common traits"

Eren Çamurdan, CEO at Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık, explained the story of the new commercial film: "As Boyner, we reach people in all regions of Turkey at 110 stores located in 37 cities. Millions of people have stories and experiences with Boyner. We wanted to embrace Turkey and our values and common traits with our new campaign. We mirrored our values, colors, diversity and benevolent nature. We interpreted the shared emotions and characteristics of our people from a modern perspective, assertively blending them with fashion. We prepared a very impressive and bold communication campaign. I believe our campaign will draw attention for its story, style, music and creative details. This film is also the first step of Boyner's new story. Our customers will see a much more dynamic and exciting, lively Boyner in the upcoming process. We will continue adding value to the lives of our customers and surprising them, making them say they like spending time at Boyner, with the innovative customer experience we offer and our projects. Goodness and spreading goodness will be as indispensible for us as always. We will integrate our customers further into this initiative of goodness and we will increase goodness together. We will bring a breathtaking, original, lively new stance and a new perspective to the fashion industry."

Boyner's 'We Have Good Style' advertising campaign is created by TBWA Istanbul. The commercial was produced by Depo Film and directed by Gönenç Uyanık. The music was produced by Fast Forward. The campaign was launched on July 18 and is now visible on TV, digital channels, outdoor advertisements, radio, magazines, newspapers and in different locations across Turkey.