Offer The Best User Experience became one of the most user friendly sites according to Google's EMEA Report. Offer The Best User Experience became one of the most user-friendly sites in Europe and the Middle East according to Google's report. Google reviewed the user experience strategies of 465 sites across 15 countries in the EMEA region. Since users can easily find the products they search, and are accurately directed at each stage of their shopping experience, got a thumbs up from Google and was selected as one of the top sites in Turkey with the best user experience.  

When the scores which measure speed and ease of use are reviewed in the retail sector, has become one of the three best performing sites in Turkey with a score of  76%. The overall average score of the retail sector in Turkey is 65 %.

Highest scores in two areas!

The Google report  also assessed all brands in detail and under different category fields. has achieved 100 percent success in the "availability" category, which includes autocompletion, spelling correction, and successful subsequent navigation. has been ranked as the best brand in its class with a 100% success rate in the "conversion" category as well, where the discounts used and the amount to be paid are clearly described and the user is easily onboarded to navigate easily at each stage.

Şule Kuban, General Manager of Morhipo highlighted the significance of customer experience strategies. 

"Our goal is to offer the best customized user experience for each customer with the unconditional customer happiness principle. Before we take our operational decisions, we  identify what our customers need. We use a data-driven design to improve the user experience. Usability tests, user reviews, and a / b tests are also some of our important UX resources. Developments such as quick payment options and shipping pages on our site have allowed us to increase our loyal customer base by 14% compared to last year. With the support we’ve got from Google Performance X, we've also improved the look of our mobile app, and we've achieved 1.8 times more success in our conversion rate (CR). Our main aim is to bring fashion to our customers in the fastest and easiest way and so  we are constantly improving our user experience to achieve this."