Morhipo is the online fashion and lifestyle retailer of choice, delivering customers an unrivalled shopping experience through superior variety and value. Established in 2011 by Boyner Group, has broken new ground by bringing new seasonal products and special promotion products together in one online platform. While offering hundred of thousands of new seasonal products at the same time as shops, provides amazing campaigns to its customers by offering discounts of up to 90 percent every day within the Special Discount Club. 

Women’s, men’s, shoes-bags, children, home, sports apparel, life style and cosmetic products from almost 5000 brands including brands known worldwide are being sold on In addition to this, it has been bringing new concepts such as the People by Fabrika, and Agenda D by Divarese since 2015, and the “Loves You” since 2018 to its customers. 

Unconditional Customer Happiness Online creates value in the shopping domain with the its’ wide choice of items, highly discounted rates and fast delivery benefits and presents alternative solutions to customers with its’ “Unconditional Customer Happiness” vision. It provides a secure customer experience with security systems like 3D Secure and Dull SSL system technology which ensures the highest level of confidentiality for its members by encrypting transactions on internet. With the “One Click Payment” system launched in 2016, users after having entered their credit card information to the system only one time, can shop 24/7 with just one click.

All-line Services

It is different from its competitors with its “all-line” approach by way of click and collect system enabling customers to return or collect their products by visiting Boyner or YKM stores. whose mobile traffic is increasing day by day offers customers continuous shopping experience thanks to its mobile application and mobile web site which is easy to navigate with its responsive design. Morhipo’s mobile app won the first rank in “The Year’s Outstanding Mobile Applications” survey by MMA Turkey in 2015 and 2016 two years in a row.

Through its customer-friendly logistics platform, Morhipo is committed to delivering a truly seamless experience for customers from clicking on an order to unwrapping it. 

Driven by rapid growth of the Turkish e-Commerce market, Morhipo will continue to enjoy significant growth in the coming years. It is also committed to building a great place to work, by combining a fast-moving, dynamic culture of a startup with the longstanding values of a 65 year old heritage of Boyner Group.