Value Chain

Value Chain


Supply chain sustainability is the basis for our production and service network. We continue our works in this area to ensure the social compliance of our supply network. Our aims are:

  • * Improving the environmental, social and economic effects of our products in the production process,
  • * Creating long-term environmental, social and economic value,
  • * Ensuring operation continuity, and protecting brand integrity,
  • * Managing resources and operating costs efficiently and encouraging our suppliers to do the same.

Boyner Group, which monitors the compliance of our suppliers by contracts with regards to the standards of the "clean production principles", "employee rights" and "chemical safety", started social compliance audits in 2013. In order to control the production processes of our products and to ensure that the materials our suppliers use are suitable for customer health and safety we verify the analysis of the products’ life cycles and production conditions compliance with employee rights, and occupational health and safety with audits led by the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team. As a result of all these activities, we prepare regulatory action plans in order to ensure the related parties take corrective and preventive actions in the topics that are identified as unsatisfactory and inadequate.


  • * Management systems

Employee Rights, Health and Safety

  • * Working hours and leaves
  • * Payments and social benefits
  • * Non-discrimination principle
  • * Working conditions of pregnant and young employees
  • * Child labor and forced labor
  • * Access to medical services
  • * Transport service safety
  • * Fire safety
  • * Building safety